Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

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Wavre, Belgium, 20 September 2016 – Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’. The European patent for this technology was obtained in 2006, yet it has been thoroughly checked by US authorities before being allocated for the US market. This patent is protecting the unique Alterface pointing system, used in theaters and dark rides. It complements two other important patents: one for Alterface’s successful interactive show control system named Salto! and another for hands & body gesture tracking solutions.

All these technologies have proven their success in recent attractions on worlwide basis such as Justice League, Plants vs Zombies and Lego Kingdom Quest. Visitors to EAS in Barcelona are invited to learn more about the Alterface solutions for interactive rides, spinning & dueling theaters and walkthrough attractions on booth #842. Alterface is also proud sponsor of the TEA Mixer during EAS to actively engage and party with their community.

Leading technology

CEO and Founder Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet comments: “The ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’ patent had been requested six years ago and has meanwhile been implemented in several interactive attractions. It now comes for us as cherry on the cake during a highly busy and successful year. While there are many “patent pending” products in our industry, the ones that make it to the “real” patent stage are scarce as it requires thorough innovative work. This patent comes in addition to the many awards we received, either from the player community or from the industry. Our spinning theater/dark ride obtained a “Best New Product Award" at the previous Las Vegas IAAPA show, and many other acknowledgements. Also the interactive shooting and interactive show control technologies were firstly introduced by us and now lead the market. We are very proud of this as it proves we have a strong vision and understand what the market needs.

“The secret of our success?” Stéphane Battaille, Chief Operations Officer at Alterface, answers: “Listening to our customers and working very closely together to develop a solution that meets their and the visitor’s expectations. This combined with loyal partners and a dedicated team, who put their heart and soul into every project and attraction. The patents we are receiving, alongside awards like the recent one for Justice League, are a great recognition of our team’s daily and on-going efforts. We all enjoy the ride together, even if it sometimes gets tough or challenging – and that’s what counts in the end!

USA Patent for Alterface

Successful interactive attractions

The patented and proven technologies have been applied in interactive attractions on worldwide scale, including most recently Justice League, Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags, US, Plants vs Zombies interactive theatre at Carowinds, US, and Benno’s Great Race at Ferrari World in Dubai. 16 installations took place already at Lego Discovery Centers across the US. More releases are slated the coming months.

Visitors are raving about our attractions. They keep coming back for more, as there are so many story dimensions to discover. It’s very challenging to get the visitor immersed into the story during a ride of only a few minutes, and get them excited so they return to improve their score. There can be no delays or shortcomings in the digital shooting as this would quickly bore the visitor. They have to hit their multiple targets in real time, whilst moving around. And as a bonus they get at the end of the ride their high score and ranking. These are ingredients you can find back in all our solutions, which are always customized to the local market and culture” states Ben Cornet.

Ahead of the game

In times of an ever faster moving digital world, interactive attractions have never been so thrilling and exciting. They are a truly added value to theme and family parks with new technologies always stretching further and deepening experiences. “Alterface keeps investing in the new virtual and digital reality game technology, however we don’t want to overshoot and rather hit the target and meet the customer’s expectations. Therefore we do not compromise on quality, or blindly follow hypes and trends – we rather create and invent them ourselves, hence staying ahead of the game.” concludes Ben Cornet.