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Creative storytelling with innovative gameplay @ Alterface Booth# B934 at AAE 

Wavre, Belgium, 24 May 2017 – During Asian Attractions Expo (AAE), the international trade show for the attractions industry from 13 till 16 June 2017 in Singapore, Alterface will unveil a new and unique ride concept. The Spinning Interactive Dark Ride features the new Alterface proprietary IP Popcorn Revenge® as spectacular theming.

Alterface rolled out its Rotating Theater in 2007, offering an interactive experience with immersive themed scenery within a limited footprint. The second generation now brings a tally new dimension into this concept in the form of a Spinning Interactive Dark Ride.

The new Spinning Interactive Dark Ride is a creative and innovative solution combining an immersive five-minute attraction within a very small footprint, accommodating up to 600 people per hour. In blocks of 40 seconds, the platform rotates to move each group of 8 players through an immersive series of scenes.  The theatre includes themed scenery, large integrated screens, custom media, projection mapping, sounds, dynamic lighting and special effects. These are all managed by Alterface Show control FX studio™. The system is compatible with all types of interactivity:  shooting, drag and drop, 4D shooter™ and gesture recognition.

Ben Cornet, CEO and Founder at Alterface, comments: “The Alterface technology can accommodate many vision-based sensors to detect both activity and behavior. More sophisticated reactions of the player require an even more sophisticated system to track those actions and keep players focused and entertained, all the way through the attraction. We have proven this expertise in successful interactive attractions like Plants vs Zombies, the rotating dark ride Haunted House and Battle for Metropolis, Justice League. With the new Spinning Interactive Dark Ride concept we give another dimension to interactive attractions.”


 Popcorn Revenge ® -  Life outside the popcorn bucket

Laurence Beckers, Special Projects and Technology Scout at Alterface, explains: “Popcorn Revenge® is based in a setting reproducing some of the most legendary film scenes. Players will revert to their original forms all those crazy popcorns that stormed the cinema, affecting the smooth running of movie scenes. It’s a versatile and fun IP we have created and patented, in close cooperation with our design partner. We are all so excited about the great opportunities this opens up.”

Popcorn is the real star of the theatre, and they are just darn tired of being eaten. By popcorn decree, they declare the theatre as theirs and will live outside the bucket, free of any butter and salt, and free of any human hands placing them into dirty mouths. Simply put, they would like to see the end to movies once and for all, and they will see to it that this theatre is destroyed. It’s up to the players to save the world of movies, with the special candy dispenser.


Alterface designed futuristic caramel dispensers to douse all the uncooperative popped pariah with colored candy. “This dispenser as ‘pointing device’ perfectly demonstrates how we combine creativity and technology. It is a unique design for this specific attraction, and guarantees fun in targeting the wild popcorn characters. Based on our proven 4D Shooter Technology players see their projectile being thrown from the gun into the video game.” adds Laurence Beckers.

Raising the bar in storytelling and gameplay

The Alterface gameplay philosophy is based on a few simple rules. Firstly, the non-linear shooting session, some can be very intense and others more peaceful, but always with a grand finale as apotheosis. Secondly the gameplay should be suitable for audiences of all ages, entertaining young and older visitors with funny animated popcorn. They can identify themselves with characters from legendary movies. The third rule is the regulation of the game. Scenes cannot be overloaded but there can also be no empty scenes, whilst target numbers can be adjusted based on accuracy and game level of the players. And finally, the theming and how it is implemented determines the success of every attraction. Strong themes and characters should be reflected in immersive themed sceneries with animatronics, projection mapping and special effects.

For the design and theming of Popcorn Revenge® Alterface partnered with designer and scenic fabricator Jora Vision, based in the Netherlands.

"With Alterface we share a creative vision regarding interactive story-based attractions.” explains Robin van der Want, Project Development Director at Jora Vision. “Interactivity should not be used as an add-on but as a powerful tool to immersive visitors into the story. The new Popcorn Revenge® attraction is designed along this philosophy; the queue, signage, ride system, shooting devices, décor around the screens, animatronics, … Everything in the ride is synchronized and works together to tell the story of the revenged come-to-life popcorn characters who are taking over the theatre. We are very proud to work together with Alterface on this innovative dark ride concept.”

“Developing a totally new and proprietary IP opens new and exciting perspectives. We always want to offer our clients something unique so they can provide top-notch entertainment to the visitors. Together we develop themes and innovative types of attractions, adjusted to their market and taste. And every time we raise the bar and challenge ourselves. This is the exciting side of our business, every day is a fun day!” concludes Ben Cornet. 

About Alterface – Enjoy the Ride

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Belgium, Europe, Alterface operates globally with US office and Asian branches in Beijing and Xiamen, China. Together with a worldwide network of partners, the Alterface team develops end-to-end interactive attractions for dark rides, spinning & duelling theatres and walkthroughs. These are customized to fit local cultures and traditions, offering high quality standards and an unrivalled support system. Alterface champions the market with advanced technologies including their patented interactive show control system Salto! multi-user & device-free pointing solutions, as well as creative multimedia ride concepts.

Visitors can enjoy the thrilling Alterface rides in Phantasialand, Six Flags, Lego Discovery Centers, Cedar Fair, Carowinds, Ferrari World, IMG, Lotte World, Yumiyuri land, Hub Zero, Comics Station Antwerp and many more.

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