Alterface’s revolutionary Erratic® Ride

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Alterface’s revolutionary Erratic® Ride

first non-linear interactive ride on the market

World-class, affordable solution for dynamic mixed-media ride 


 Alterface’s recently launched Erratic® Ride is the first non-linear mixed-media ride ever with dynamic scene changing, whereby players can determine the sequence depending on their ranking and preferences. It fully immerses and engages them into the story, which becomes more dynamic and fun. Furthermore, it can be installed on a relatively small space, yet with high throughput. The first installation will take place at Walibi, one of the largest parks in Belgium and owned by Compagnie des Alpes. 




Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, CEO and Founder at Alterface, explains: “After 16 years of interactive dark ride success, including Maus-au-Chocolat type rides, we felt we had to come with a new and truly ‘gamechanging’ concept. The digital storytelling capabilities of our show control technologies, combined with the unique features of ETF Multi Mover vehicles, are the key ingredients for this new exciting ride formula. The collective know-how acquired over the past years allows us to rapidly define a winning concept.”

New family of visitor-centric experiences

This compact Erratic® Ride is the first member of a new family of “visitor-centric” experiences. It is aimed at space conscious venues and represents a total solution for anyone who wants a true dark ride experience on a limited footprint.  “The user experience was the starting point of our reflection, the technical details followed, making sure that transitions from one scene to another are smooth and the limited footprint has rather an enhancing than a limiting impact.” adds Benoit Cornet.

“The new Erratic® Ride is the perfect example of a next-generation attraction which offers a more dynamic and coherent media experience. It can be easily installed at any park or indoor location. The movie and popcorn theme is universal and suited for young and old but we can implement any other IP or character of choice. With this new world-class yet affordable ride Alterface demonstrates once again its commitment to developing innovative concepts for customers to offer the best possible ride at their venue.­­­” concludes Ben Cornet.