First Ghostbusters' Interactive Dark Ride

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Wavre, Belgium, 21 December 2016 – Alterface interactivated Ghostbusters: Battle for New York, an innovative mixed-media interactive dark ride, opening this month in Motiongate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ghostbusters: Battle for New York is the very first mixed-media interactive dark ride in Dubai Parks and Resorts, featuring an unrivalled immersive experience. Shooting on animatronics and mixing physical targets with media content is a first for Dubai, where full media dark rides are already well established. Benoit Cornet, Founder & CEO of Alterface, explains: “It’s very challenging to mix physical and digital targets, requiring advanced technology expertise and meticulous programming. Moreover in a dark ride with moving vehicles, fast reactivity is extremely important – players need to feel and see themselves hitting the target upon impact.”

Based on their impressive dark ride track record, Motiongate selected Alterface to power the world's first Ghostbusters interactive dark ride. Cornet comments: «Working on such strong IP means that Motiongate acknowledges the capacity of our team to provide high quality and technologically complicated rides, respecting all IP instructions. We have managed by hard work and pioneering new ideas to become a top player in the interactive dark ride market. It’s a great honor to partner up with such high-level parks who offer their visitors the latest and greatest entertainment.”

Fabulous integration of media content and scenery

Ghostbusters: Battle for New York is the first interactive dark ride based on the popular eighties movies starring Bill Murray. « We have the world's first Ghostbusters inspired theme park ride. The fans will not be disappointed! » says Daniel Cuffe, Director of Park Operations at Motiongate Dubai. Armed with their proton pistols and driving their own Ecto-1 vehicle, players have to protect New York city from an ectoplasmic invasion. From Dana Barrett's apartment to the hotel corridors, players enjoy meeting the iconic characters from the movies such as Slimer, Puft Marshmallow Man and of course, Gozer !

Alterface has built over 40 interactive dark rides since its existence and strives to improve continously. Ghostbusters: Battle for New York stands out by its convincing interactive projection mapping, its 4K screen and its fabulous integration of the media content in the scenery. As ghosts wreak havoc in town, various daily objects come alive like water tower walls blending under ghostly pressure or ceiling furniture levitating, glimpsed by the players from an appartment breach.

Important emblematic elements of the Ghostbusters are their uniform and guns, also known as the Proton Rifles. Based on this, Alterface designed the Proton Pistol one-handed interactive device to shoot ectoplasmic beings. The close resemblance to the blasters used in the movies could be achieved thanks to Alterface's patented shooting technology. «Our technology is optimized to recude the volume of electronics to an absolute minimum. This allows us to shape and customize any shooting device on demand, offering the players a feeling of authenticity and resulting in a greater interactive dark ride experience. » concludes Stéphane Battaille, COO at Alterface.




Feeling home in the United Arab Emirates

Ghostbusters: Battle for New York is yet another attraction to add to the long list of interactive attractions powered by Alterface technology in the United Arab Emirates. This country has embraced the future of entertainment parks by investing quickly and massively in innovative attractions. Alterface is proud to play an active role in the next generation of attractions, giving them a prominent and leading position in the UAE entertainment market.

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