Gears of War: Laser Siege

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Wavre, Belgium, 15 December 2016 – Alterface proudly announces the next generation laser tag in the new attraction Gears of War: Laser Siege,  opening this month in Hub Zero, an indoor entertainment park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hub Zero is an innovative indoor entertainment park where the real and virtual world merge. Having this goal in mind, Hub Zero came to Alterface with a seamingly simple request: to reinvent the classic laser tag. The broadly acclaimed Gears of War video game IP, chosen as a theme for the attraction, was to be the beating heart of this immersive attraction. This was an important criterium to live up to Hub Zero's tagline "Live the Game". Needles to say that with such an IP, fans have very high expectations. Quite a challenge, which Alterface gladly took up and successfully accomplished.

« We accepted the challenge to innovate the popular laser tag even though nobody had tried it before.
Our team doesn't fear exploring uncharted lands ! »
Benoit Cornet, Founder and CEO of Alterface

The outcome is the blending of an interactive walkthrough with the classic laser tag: wearing a jacket and armed with a laser gun, players walk in a dimly lit zone trying to score points by shooting at the opponent team. While they wander in the two-level dark room, players come across virtual enemies who pop up, hide, and shoot. Sharp eyes and quick reflexes are the key skills to succeed.

This great mix of interaction is powered by Alterface’s advanced technology. Benoit Cornet, Founder and CEO of Alterface, comments: «We accepted the challenge to innovate the popular laser tag even though nobody had tried it before. Our team doesn't fear exploring uncharted lands! Even more than innovating the laser tag, Hub Zero's request was an opportunity to implement the laser tag gameplay in our interactive walkthrough solutions.».

Advanced shooting technology

Gears of War: Laser Siege is an interactive attraction based on the video game’s intellectual property, featuring Alterface’s innovative laser tag.  Divided in two or four teams, up to 24 players battle against each other and their common enemy, the Locusts.  This alien race declared war against human mankind. As the two-level game area is located on Sera, the home planet of the Locusts, their inhabitants are part of this battle. Surely not an easy and very dauntless mission but fun and excitement is guaranteed!


Stéphane Battaille, COO at Alterface comments: « Based on Alterface's patented shooting technology, we can shape any interactive device to match any existing IP. As Gears of War features the famous Locusts' Snub Pistol, we decided to design it and provide an identical  replica to players for an immersive experience to “Live the Game”. The precision of our shooting devices is millimetric, even at longer distances, with a second to none reactivity. Furthermore our shooting devices allow complete freedom of movements for the players. »

Raising the bar to next level excitement and fun

Earlier this year, Alterface already added a new type of ride to its portfolio: the interactive raft ride, implemented on the successful Splashing UFO at Yomiuriland, Japan. With Gears of War: Laser Siege, another type of attraction joins the list, based on the next generation laser tag. 
«Our expansion demonstrates the adaptability of our technology to be merged with existing entertainment solutions and successfully innovate attractions. Furthermore, it shows the absolute confidence of our clients in Alterface's capacity to elevate them to a higher level. We keep on raising the bar and continuously challenge ourselves to come with always better and more exciting interactive attractions.» explains Benoit Cornet. «This has led us to update the spinning theater as welll, one of our historical attraction, yet to be revealed so stay tuned. concludes Benoit Cornet.

Gears of War: Laser Siege is yet another attraction to add to the long list of interactive attractions powered by Alterface technology in the United Arab Emirates. This country has embraced the future of entertainment parks by investing quickly and massively in innovative attractions. Alterface is proud to play an active role in the next generation attractions, giving them a prominent and leading position in the UAE entertainment market.

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