Alterface presents Legendary Rides across the Globe at AAE

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Alterface presents Legendary Rides across the Globe at AAE
Innovative & dynamic mixed-media rides

Exhibiting at AAE in Hong Kong – Stand #2532

Wavre, Belgium, 1 June 2018 – Alterface, global champion in Interactive Ride Technology, is exhibiting on booth #2532 at the Asian Attractions Expo (AAE 2018) from 6 to 8 June in Hong Kong. The fair draws over 8,000 amusement and attractions industry professionals, and is organised by IAAPA, the International Association for Amusement Parks.

Alterface has been bringing legends alive in recent interactive rides at Qingdao Movie Metropolis in China and Legendia Park in Poland. The high-speed roller coaster at Qingdao Wanda features ancient Chinese legends and dragons, combining a thrill ride with advanced media-based shooting and interactivity. The Basilisk ride in Poland is inspired by an authentic Polish folklore, reviving a mythical monster. The ‘Bazyliszek’ has to be defeated by the players, using interactive Monster Hunter Guns in an amazing village and forest scenery. For both rides Alterface applied its latest interactivity technology, including video projection & mapping, show control management, gameplay and custom designed shooting devices.

Other existing rides with Alterface signature have  meanwhile become almost legendary by their innovative approach when it comes to concept and interactivity. The Splashing UFO ride on the Rapid River in Yomiuri land, Tokyo, Japan, is a fun & floating ride in a noodle cup with interactive light buttons. Some rides have been so successful they are installed in multiple locations. Legoland Discovery Centre rides have opened in Shanghai and Shenyang, and 18 other locations around the world. The awarded Justice League attraction can be found now in seven Six Flags parks across the US.

While being innovative and extremely cost effective, Alterface ensure that these rides are matching the quality of higher priced rides. The recipe behind this success is the fact that Alterface is delivering a result and is involved from the start together with its complementary and professional partners. Based on a thoughtful pre-analysis and planning with the park owners, the attraction is customized and fit to the park dynamics and visitor expectations.

Benoit ‘Ben’ Cornet, Founder & CEO at Alterface, comments: “The attractiveness of mixed-media has been demonstrated by the tremendous success of Disney in Shanghai, where millions of visitors have experienced that fun goes beyond equipment. It is also a clear proof that the market is open to something different and more dynamic, and ready to invest in higher quality projects with strong concepts. Mixed-media rides require a different set of skills and a lot of companies are currently asking our support to move faster on that learning curve. Increased and closer collaboration between manufacturers and customers seems to be the path of the future, and towards success. "

Erratic® first non-linear mixed-media ride

The biggest novelty Alterface is bringing to the market this year is the introduction of high throughput, non-linear interactive dark rides. This answers the need for the many space conscious FECs that are disappointed by unsatisfying solutions like rotating platforms. Alterface's recently launched Erratic® Ride is the first non-linear mixed-media ride ever with dynamic scene changing, whereby players can determine the sequence depending on their ranking and preferences. It is aimed at space conscious venues and represents a total solution for anyone who wants a true and immersive dark ride experience on a limited footprint, yet with high throughput. With this new non-linear solution, Alterface demonstrates its commitment to developing innovative concepts that provide the best ride for every customer and venue.

 “All the rides we have been installing demonstrate the versatility of the Alterface technology and resourcefulness of the team as we have to deal with many challenges depending on type of action, speed and vehicles. We can offer a ride for each footprint, park culture and visitor profile, from small in-house or regional to larger ones. It’s important for us that the attraction adds value to the park and the visitors can sit back and fully enjoy the ride!” concludes Benoit Cornet.

Meet Benoit Cornet and his team on booth #2532 at AAE from 6 to 8 June 2018.