Alterface presents world premiere Erratic Ride® with Popcorn Revenge® IP in Walibi Belgium

Posted on the 29.08.19

Rewriting rules of visitor-centric experiences

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15th LEGO Kingdom Quest installed!

Posted on the 13.09.16

In 2016, we have added two new Kingdom Quest interactive dark rides to the Legoland Discovery Centers in Shenyang and  Arizona ! This makes 15 of them installed around the world.

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The Amazing Ride of Gumball

Posted on the 31.08.16

Alterface's technology hits the bull's eye at IMG World of Adventure park (Dubai, UAE). Enjoy the ride !

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Alterface Projects Technology lights the fire at Lotte World

Posted on the 30.12.13

Alterface was selected by the Pasadena based Hettema Group to provide the interactivity of the new Dragon’s Wild Shooting at Lotte World.

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Sally Corp. chooses Alterface!

Posted on the 08.04.13

Sally Corporation has opted for the engine of interactivity of Alterface to execute Justice League Alien Invasion 3D!

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Make it nine!

Posted on the 15.03.13

With the opening of Legoland Discovery Centre of Oberhausen in Germany it is the ninth entertainment centre operated by the Merlin group which offers its visitors a Compact Interactive Dark Ride of Alterface in its walls. ...

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It's moving in Mulhouse!

Posted on the 08.03.13

After that of Limoges, the Laser Game Evolution of Mulhouse is the second center of the kind in France to accommodate a 5Di Interactive Cinema of Alterface.

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A first 5Di GAmeBox for LGE

Posted on the 07.01.13

It is in Limoges that the French group Laser Game Evolution opens a first 5Di GameBox of Alterface!

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