Alterface hands out Interactive Pioneer Awards during festive ceremony at IAAPA

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Wavre, Belgium, 15 November 2016 – Alterface, global champion in interactive ride technology, awards customers and partners in celebration of it’s 15th anniversary. The Interactive Pioneer Awards are being assigned in recognition of pioneership and excellence in interactive rides, powered by Alterface technology.

Alterface is proud that many of it’s ‘older’ attractions are still highly successful today. It demonstrates that aging of rides is not an issue if there is a good mix of great content, powerful theming and outstanding quality. This would not have been possible without the strong support from its loyal customers and partners.  “They allowed us to develop innovative and advanced interactive technology, and helped bring us where we are today.” says Alterface Founder & CEO Ben Cornet, who proudly hands out the award certificates to following brave interactive pioneers:

Interactive Pioneer: Hollywood Wax Museum
Pioneer in Spinning Theater – Attraction: First Haunted House

The Hollywood Wax Museum features replicas of celebrities located on Hollywood Boulevard, the tourist district in Hollywood, California. A first and second haunted house are currently still successfully hosting Alterface Spinning Theaters.

In 2009, the Branson site in Missouri had inaugurated the first of its kind and, “in view of the success, we decided to renew our confidence with Alterface with this second order”, says with pride Mr. Tej Shunder, General Manager and Partner of Hollywood Wax Museum entertainment centres.

Interactive Pioneer: Cedar Fair
IP based Theater – Attraction: Plants vs Zombies

It is not the first time that an IP is used but it is the first time that Alterface produced an Interactive theater based on an IP. And what a success this has become! The content is vivid and the collaboration with the PopCap developers to adapt this multilevel game platform to the specifics of a 4 minutes game experience was extremely smooth and enriching.
Alterface did a great job in developing and building our attraction.  Finally this attraction was an important addition to our family product at Carowinds. At the end of the day, you know you’ve gotten it right when you see the smiles on family’s faces on their way out.” - Christian Diekmann, Vice President Strategic Growth, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

Interactive Pioneer: Sally Corporation
Superhero Ride Addict – Attraction:  Justice League

When Sally Corporation started assembling these super powered 4D interactive dark rides, they needed partners with matching skills. Being at the center of the action, Alterface implemented its know-how and top-notch technology in this ride with the “shooting star” feature.  This includes hand guns which seem like shooting tracing bullets, a unique interactive smoke screen and a meticulously carved timing of all sequences and vehicle movements.

"Over the last few years we have worked together with Alterface to create pure magic when it comes to interactive experiences. It has been a wonderful collaboration of creativity and technology that helped us create what was acclaimed to be the ‘best new major attraction’ in the amusement park industry." - John Wood, CEO of Sally Corporation

Interactive Pioneer: Phantasialand
First Tasty Ride – Attraction: Maus au Chocolat

Phantasialand brought a new taste to the Industry with their Maus au Chocolat attraction, a Full Media Dark Ride with amazing story and 3D animation. Alterface implemented its Salto!, 4D Shooting and video mapping technologies for a magical, multi-dimensional experience.

Maus au Chocolat remains after these years still the visitors top choice as it is a total and special experience with 100% reliability regarding theme, technique, games features & quality. Alterface always deliver what we need, turning our ideas into real-time quality projects.” - Sebastian Jonas , Quality Manager Phantasialand

Interactive Pioneer: Parc du Futuroscope
Serial Alterface product lover – Attraction: The Eight Continent

Alterface is thankful to this customerl because they produced lot of wonderful projects together, mostly user centric attractions! One of the pioneering interactive attractions the park launched was The Eight Continent, which remains also today highly successful. The attraction features images in high-definition, immersive special effects and an original theme, all with flexible capacity. The Eight Continent proved to be the ideal asset to complete Futuroscope's next-gen and media-based attraction line-up.

"The theater is easily accessible for everyone, offering entertaining and competitive gaming with the entire family.” - Dominique Hummel, Président du Directoire Futuroscope

Congratulations to all Awards winners from the entire Alterface team!

Furthermore, joining the 15th anniversary at IAAPA, Alterface is proud to acknowledge two innovative Belgian technology pioneers, combining creativity and sciences:

Belgian Supplier Pioneer: Miam Factory
Food, art & technology - Tasty awards made in chocolate.

Miam Factory is a Belgian startup that creates personalized food pieces using new technologies like 3D printing, engraving and lasercutting on chocolate, macaroon and other tasty materials. This can be used for personalized messages, branding or special occasions like the Alterface Pioneer Award.


Belgian Supplier Pioneer: Happy Factory
Image technology – Printing experiences

STRÜKLA is a Polaroid-like on-demand printer directly connected to event attendee’s smartphones. Pictures taken during events can be instantly printed onsite, allowing visitors to take back a happy souvenir. Exhibitors can attract more people, and will create more pictures of visitors on their booth. Come and try it out on our stand during IAAPA!

Happy Factory



Ben Cornet concludes: “The past fifteen years have been such a joyful and enriching experience for us all. We owe our success to the many customers, suppliers and partners that have supported and inspired us during our ride. These awards are a small token of our gratitude in recognition of their pioneering, but truly offered from the heart.“