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Wavre, Belgium, 13 September 2017  During the yearly Euro Attractions Show (EAS) in Berlin from 26 till 28 September, Alterface demonstrates its latest interactive ride developments and accomplishments, including the new Popcorn Revenge® IP.

Ben Cornet, CEO and Founder at Alterface, explains: “The past few years Alterface built a rock-solid reputation as trusted partner for fun and powerful interactive dark rides. Our team has proven their expertise at numerous successful interactive dark rides, including seven at Six Flags across the US and 20 at Legoland Discovery Centers worldwide. Customers and partners praise the reliability and long lifespan of the attractions, whilst visitors are thrilled about the immersive and memorable experience.”

Alterface now offers the broadest range of proven interactive dark ride solutions on the market. Over the years, the company has inspired many other suppliers but always managed to stay ahead by investing in new technologies and creative concepts. Alterface runs

two high-level augmented reality R&D projects with Belgian universities, and has just launched the new Popcorn Revenge® IP. This can be combined with several ride concepts, like the spinning or dueling interactive theatre or mixed-media ride as installed at Justice League.

“We invite everyone who is investing in a new ride to come and talk to us at EAS! We can advise them on the best solution for their park, following regional taste, available space and required throughput. A fine example is the new Basilisk ride we are currently installing at the Polish Legendia park, with a dedicated IP based on authentic Polish folklore. Our mission is to offer visitors their best ride experience!”

Justice League dark rides @ Six Flags even more impressive

Since the first successful opening in Six Flags Over Texas, six more ‘Battle for Metropolis, Justice League’ attractions were opened across the United States. Alterface works closely with their partner Sally and is commissioned with all interactive technology. The latest upgrade in Six Flags Magic Mountain now includes toroidal screens, interactive projection mapping and enhances the shooting on animatronics. This has resulted in a more spectacular and immersive experience for the visitors.

“Alterface is responsible of installing and synchronizing the media system with shooting and vehicles.” says Etienne Sainton, Head of Innovation at Alterface, who supervises all Six Flags projects. “For example, when Superman is knocked out and falls on the hood of the car, it has to tilt at the same time. To achieve this effect, a perfect sync is the key! It is a great opportunity and challenge to work with such a famous IP. The superhero is very important and visitors really feel they are helping Superman to save the city from Joker and Lex Luthor. Every step of the ride is moving the story forward and immersing the guests in the adventure. It’s truly spectacular and unforgettable!” 

“We very much enjoy this recent upgrade, which has been made possible through the long-lasting cooperation between the original team members, including Sally and ride designer Rich Hill. The customer allowed us to test and improve the installation, our projection and detection system combined with the fog screen now creates a spectacular effect.”

20 entertaining interactive dark rides @Legoland Discovery Centers worldwide

The interactive dark rides at Legoland Discovery Center (LDC) for Merlin Entertainment have evolved since the first installation at Manchester, UK, eight yours ago. Following its success, Alterface has been entrusted by Merlin to handle the overall ride management.

Stéphane Battaille, Chief Operations Officer at Alterface, explains: “What makes the rides at Legoland Discovery Centers so special is the well-balanced mix between physical targets and media, integrating all elements seamlessly into the scenery. It creates a wonderful show for young and old with an intuitive shooting system and easy gameplay. The visitors are fully drawn into the story, saving the princess, hunting for a treasure or defeat the bad guys. The IP and story appeals to all cultures so it’s a grateful topic for the dark rides.”

 At LDC, the barrier between reality and the virtual gaming world has diluted, resulting in a great guest experience. This is achieved by integrating theming and physical elements, and add in special effects, sound and light effects. Alterface’s Salto™ technology has been developed to such level to it can manage any kind of interactivity throughout the entire attraction.

Popcorn Revenge ® - new proprietary IP for innovative theming


Alterface recognizes the importance of theming and storytelling in attractions and is also innovative when it comes to this. They can work with any IP a customer chooses but have now also designed a range of characters based on their fun and original Popcorn Revenge® concept. 

Laurence Beckers, Special Projects and Technology Scout at Alterface, explains: “Popcorn Revenge® is based in a setting reproducing some of the most legendary film scenes. Players will revert to their original forms all those crazy popcorns that stormed the cinema, affecting the smooth running of movie scenes. It’s a versatile and fun IP, we are all so excited about the great opportunities this opens up!”

Popcorn Revenge® can be used in any kind of ride format, including the mixed-media ride at Justice League, as well as dueling or spinning theatres. Each theatre or ride includes themed scenery, large integrated screens, custom media, projection mapping, sounds, dynamic lighting and special effects. These are all managed by Alterface technology. The system is compatible with all types of interactivity: shooting, drag and drop, 4D Shooter™ and gesture recognition. 

“Our interactive technology connects all the dots of each ride element,

ensuring fun for the entire family. Without any hesitation, I can say we are now truly spearheading interactive technology on a global level. Our customers, partners and successful installations are the best proof of this. We invite everyone to visit us for an exciting Alterface interactive experience at EAS!” concludes Ben Cornet.


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