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Epic attraction at affordable budget

Following a complete refit of the regional Polish Legendia park, a dedicated building with separate entrance at street level was constructed to accomodate the Basilisk dark ride. The attraction had to be powerful enough to stand on its own and offer an unforgettable experience at an affordable budget.

Alterface designed a unique and advanced mixed-media ride for the entire family, supervising the total ride experience. Technology advancement can be found on three levels: interaction by projection on multimedia screens, shooting at physical targets and at objects created by means of video mapping and projections in black lights.

The Basilisk attraction is situated in the park’s Magical Forest zone, taking us back to ancient times of legendary Polish myths… In the peaceful village of Kurkowo, citizens are fighting monsters, the most dangerous one being the Basilisk. The Monster Hunter vehicle by ETF Ride Systems takes visitors through ancient villages, dark caves, forests and ruins. Jora Vision was responsible for the design and production of theming for the ride and its queue areas.


Technical Specifications


Design: Alterface & Jora Vision
Media Studio: Alterface
Ride Vendor: ETF
Footprint: 700 m² (7535 ft²)
Throughput: up to 650 players/hour
Duration: 3,40 min.
Interactive device: Portable device

Number of Vehicles: 10
Vehicle Capacity: 6 players per vehicle
Media: 2D
Number of interactive Scenes: 7
Number of screens: 7
Hall of fame: Yes
Video Mapping: Yes



  • "This top-notch dark ride with latest technology will put Legendia firmly on the map in Poland and Europe. It demonstrates their innovative view on entertainment, applying technology to drive engaging attractions. We are very proud of the result and are confident many visitors will enjoy this ride the coming years!"

    Benoit Cornet, CEO Alterface