Corsairs' Revenge

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Meet Blackbeard, the Greatest pirate of all times…Well almost…He looks today a bit miserable: no crew, no treasure map but rich of hopes, self-esteem and enemies!
By luck you happened to be around, willing to take a big bite into a truly exotic adventure. Help the poor chap finding back the island where ha had hidden his entire wealth!

The goal is to help Blackbeard, a real character integrated among the computer-generated images using a cinematic technique known as Blue Key, to retrieve his treasure stolen by the pirate-skeletons.

This title continually emphasizes interactivity and humor, thus offering visitors a moment of adventure and lots of action.

(Screen 1) The adventure starts on the quay of a port where Blackbeard, whose treasure has been stolen, will choose his team. After this short introduction and training phase, it is time to sail away and put out to sea.

(Screen 2) Aboard the pirate ship, the players will have to defend themselves against a horde of assailants trying to come aboard. The attackers take the form of skeletons.

(Screen 3) Saved by the crew’s accurate shooting, the players are taken on a ride to the treasure cave.

(Screen 4) In the treasure cave, the goal is to recover the treasure being defended by the skeletons. But these are not the only targets offering points, as crabs and bats provide secondary targets and react to the shots in a funny way.

(Hall of Fame, option) Finally, once Blackbeard has got his treasure back, he congratulates his ship’s best lieutenant by projecting his or her photo and score on a plasma screen.

Solution Turnkey

Vehicle track length: approximately 103 meters, inclusive station, plus approx. 5 mtr. maintenance/storage track.
Total ride area: approximately 584 SqM
Number of vehicles planned: 5  (five) vehicles.
Vehicle capacity: 5 persons (maximum 75 kg each).
Operation time/day: 12 (twelve) operation hours per day.

Number of interactive screens: 4
Projection technology: 2D, Full HD
Number of Interactive Theming zones: 2

Maximum speed: variable, up to 0,8 m/sec.
Minimum width of track: 1,8 meters.
Track: no track needed, wire guided.

Capacity: THRC of ca. 400/hour with vehicle dispatch of 30 seconds
Ride duration: approximately 4 Minutes

Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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