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Alterface is proud to have worked as a interaction system provider on Huntik, a dark ride that combines 3D video content on giant screens, rich and immersive scenery and for the first time on an interactive dark ride: motion based vehicles. These advanced cars enhance the experience like a motion simulator that ride through real decors to make it even more realistic and thrilling.

Based on the characters from the popular animated series Huntik: Secrets & Seekers, this next gen dark ride has quickly become the most acclaimed attraction by Rainbow MagicLand visitors in Italy.

9 screens with interactive 3D, 8 passenger motion based vehicles, amazing special effects and even more animatronics, this immersive gameplay experience has an incredible capacity of 800 players per hour!

Technical Specifications

Design: Art Project
Media Studio: Art Project
: Vida Studio
Ride Vendor: Hytechnology
Footprint:  3400 m² (36.597 ft²)
Throughput: 800 players/hour
Duration: 3,75 min.
Interactive device: Portable device
Number of Vehicles: 10 motion based vehicles
Vehicle Capacity: 8 players per vehicle
Media: 3D
Number of interactive Scenes: 9
Number of screens: 9 interactive 3D screens
Interactive projection mapping: Yes
Physical targets: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes

Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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  • "SPEECHLESS. I can't say more...SPEECHLESS ! It's all I can say. Applauses for the theeming, the cart is huge, the 3D movies are from an exceptional quality, great interactivity...Really, it confirms all the rumors, it's the top attraction. Go and see it, it will let you speechless..."

    Roller Coaster Community

  • "Huntik is the next generation of shoot em up games. There is just no question that Huntik is a gem of a ride and makes full use of guns and 3D technology. I won't say much more about Huntik, it would give away the surprise. But to say it made Rainbow Magicland grow in our an understatement. Huntik - 9/10"

    Mark9 on Mania Hub Forum

  • "The Interactive Dark Ride Huntik was the standout of our visit at Rainbow Magicland"

    Roller Coaster Extreme