LEGO Kingdom Quest

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Smaller footprints don’t necessarily mean less fun.  Just watch Merlin Entertainment’s urban entertainment centers to see the stunning evidence!  We were pleased to be selected as partner from the start with a very clear brief: to deliver a very high capacity, cost-efficient ride to please the crowds of young Lego enthusiasts -  as a turnkey solution!

We developed a very compact ride, based on ETF Mystic Mover vehicles and featuring simple graphic environments with a lot of humor and action. To make the kids jump into the game quickly, we featured a mix of 2D projection and lightened physical targets.  Do not get mislead by the perceived simplicity of the setup! Being accessible to everyone was the key concern, but we did not forget the repeat players, with continued challenges to master the ride and excel.  The smiling faces on the built-in on ride photo system testify this is a mission well accomplished!

Since its first opening in 2009, the ride has been installed in 22 LEGO Discovery Centers across the world. And it has quickly become one of the most popular attractions!

Technical Specifications

Design: Merlin Entertainment
Media Studio: Treshold
Ride Vendor: ETF
500 m² (5.382 ft²)
600 players/hour
4 min.
Interactive device:
Portable device
Number of Vehicles:
5 Mystic Mover
Vehicle Capacity:
5 players per vehicle
Number of interactive Scenes
: 8
Number of screens:
Physical targets:
Hall of fame:


Kingdom Quest Compact Interactive Dark Ride are located in various Legoland Discovery Centers around the world:

- Arizona, USA

- Atlanta, USA

- Boston, USA

- Chadstone, USA

- Chicago, USA

- Dallas, USA

- Kansas City, USA

- Manchester, UK

- Michigan, USA

- New York (Westchester), USA

- Oberhausen, Germany

- Osaka, Japan

- Istambul, Turkey

- Shanghai, China

- Shenyang, China

- Tokyo, Japan

- Toronto, Canada

Enjoy the Ride with interactive guest experience at Alterface's booth #862

Posted on the 02.11.16

Celebrating 15th Anniversary with Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party

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Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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Make it nine!

Posted on the 15.03.13

With the opening of Legoland Discovery Centre of Oberhausen in Germany it is the ninth entertainment centre operated by the Merlin group which offers its visitors a Compact Interactive Dark Ride of Alterface in its walls. A beautiful proof of confidence and the expression of satisfaction of the large entertainment group for Alterface products.

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  • "It’s definitely good for younger kids,” Rugh said after riding Kingdom Quest with her daughter and a friend. “It’s more than I expected."

    Chicago Tribune

  • "But now Legoland Discovery Center Chicago is even cooler – it’s got an interactive laser ride called Kingdom Quest and it is a BLAST!! You hop into a dragon and are outfitted with a laser gun. As the dragon takes you through the ride, you blast away at all kinds of targets (some are hidden!!) and rack up points. So much fun!!"

    Maureen on her Blog:

  • "All Legoland Discovery Center had to do was look to the other centers in Atlanta, Dallas, and Kansas City to realize that more interactive technology is the key to attracting new visitors."

  • "Future riders will all have their favorite Kingdom Quest moments, but a huge hit with a test group of younger riders at the preview event the night before the official opening was the huge red LEGO dragon at the end of the ride and the baby dragon that hatches from an egg during the final scene."