Maus Au Chocolat

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Hungry Mice Hunting

Welcome to Berlin’s most famous bakery! Yet be careful: this place is actually invaded by thousands of hungry mice. Armed with the chef’s piping bag, you’ll have to (gently!) make them leave the bakery by shooting fast to score as many points as possible – and without mercy!

Phantasialand is known for leaving nothing to chance, each ride in the park is a masterpiece of design and storytelling with an eye for detail.

Following a close collaboration with the park designer and project management, Alterface presented this state-of-the-art attraction featuring 3D animation and special effects. In order to get the very impressive “ballistic” shooting capability, we implemented 4D Shooter technology.

Combined with a whopping total of 42 3D screens and a stunning theming, this ride has quickly become one of the park’s favorites. Its flawless operations and appeal to a wider public has made it become Europe’s best family attraction, year after year!



Technical Specifications

Design: Daman Studio
Media Studio: Alterface
Ride Vendor: ETF
Footprint: 1800 m² (19.375ft²)
Throughput: 960 players/hour
Duration: 6 min.
Interactive device: Fixed shooting device
Number of Vehicles: 27 track bound Multi Mover.
Vehicle Capacity: 4 players per vehicle
Media: 3D
Number of interactive Scenes: 7
Number of screens: 42
Hall of fame: Yes
Special feature: 2 players in competition per screen

Alterface hands out Interactive Pioneer Awards during festive ceremony at IAAPA

Posted on the 22.11.16

Recognizing customers and partners for pioneering in interactivity

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Enjoy the Ride with interactive guest experience at Alterface's booth #862

Posted on the 02.11.16

Celebrating 15th Anniversary with Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party

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Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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Parkscout Publikums Awards

Posted on the 14.03.13

Our Interactive Dark Ride Maus au Chocolat in Phantasialand has been voted by the visitors, for the second year in a row, Best Family/Themed Attraction in Germany !  40.000 parksfans from Germany and members of did participated to this popular annual poll.

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  • "Maus au Chocolat is a top attraction at Phantasialand. The content is very funny with sharp ideas to make the game even more entertaining. It offers visitors a total and special experience with 100% reliability regarding theme, technique, games features & quality. Alterface is always keen to find a solution together, delivering what we need and turning our ideas into real-time quality projects."

    Sebastian Jonas , Quality Manager, Phantasialand

  • "Maus au Chocolat is a great 3D shoot em up. Well done Phantasialand keep up the good work!"

    European Coaster Club review

  • "What a blast! Comparing your score after each stage with the rider next to you brings out the competitive side in you."

    MrTickles from Theme Park Review