The Eighth Continent!

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The Eighth Continent

The planet Earth is in danger and nothing seems to stop the ecological catastrophe. Millions of tons of waste clump in the middle of the ocean are forming what is now called the Eighth Continent by science experts.

Two brave scientists, Marc and Sarah, decide to tackle this problem and invent a revolutionary weapon: the Trashbuster. With the fluid that it contains, this gun can neutralize any waste and spray clean air. But to act, they need assistance!


Comfortably seated on dynamic seats in the shape of jet skis and provided with their individual Trashbuster, the players are responsible to support them in their mission. But nothing goes as planned. The mass of waste is transformed into a living and dangerous entity which leads them to the ocean floor, where strange creatures composed of debris live. Can they save Marc and Sarah from the tentacles of this monster of pollution?

The Eight Continent is an interactive adventure that will appeal to the families as well as young adults. Its universal theme will be appropriate both for leisure parks for its playful aspect as well as to oceanic centers and museums for its educational aspect.

Moreover, thanks to the images in high-definition, the immersive special effects, a capacity adaptable to the needs and an original theme, The Eight Continent proved to be the ideal asset to complete Futuroscope's next-gen and media-based attraction line up.

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  • "L'attraction se veut accessible à tous, elle peut devenir le théâtre d’une compétition ludique entre les membres d’une même famille."

    Dominique Hummel, président du directoire du Futuroscope