The Grip of the Undead

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Enthusiasts of cold sweats and zombie hunters, Alterface invites you to discover The Grip of the Undead!

A terrible virus wreaks havoc among the employees of a factory… The infected individuals are transformed into undead, hungry for fresh meat… You belong to a military commando responsible for placing explosives in the middle of the building and to exterminate the zombies. But the mission is dangerous and armed with a gun, you will have to defend your body and soul against the many attacks throughout your trip.

All that the players can enjoy on a simple console table of a living room, Alterface the door to the big screen, in 3D and with breathtaking special effects. Add to that dynamic seats reacting to the scenario and an unequalled quality of images on the market and you obtain a unique and awfully good amusement theme. If you seek the ultimate gaming experience, this attraction is definitely for you!

Intended for an adolescent and adult audience, The Grip of the Undead is a gory and aggressive* game: blood squirts on the screen, the flesh explodes before your eyes, the mood is gloomy, the atmosphere is suffocating…

* If you consider this game as too violent for your audience, clean up waste or take pictures of tropical fish, it is also possible with Trashbusters or Sea Safari 3D.

3D, special effects, ride simulation, this content is available for 5Di GameBox and Interactive Cinema.


Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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The Grip of the Undead

Posted on the 05.04.13

A new title is just added to the catalog of games for Interactive Cinemas of Alterface. Our gory business grows rich with this game reserved for an adolescent public interested in video games.

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It's moving in Mulhouse!

Posted on the 08.03.13

After that of Limoges, the Laser Game Evolution of Mulhouse is the second center of the kind in France to accommodate a 5Di Interactive Cinema of Alterface.

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A first 5Di GAmeBox for LGE

Posted on the 07.01.13

It is in Limoges that the French group Laser Game Evolution opens a first 5Di GameBox of Alterface!

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