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A new twist on the most thrilling attraction !

This product line traces back to 2009 when we identified a market for customers wanting the experience of a dark ride but having little space available. We decided to combine the efficiency of the interactive theater with a spinning platform that would “carry” the visitors from one screen to another, in the dark, like a dark ride yet without physically moving them.

A zombie-based ride came up as a logical contender for a first ride: Castle of Chaos rose from concept to a successful ride in less than eight months, including the media preparation and theming.

The theater combines on-screen shooting scenes, animatronic shooting scenes and scenes using our exclusive Come-To-Life scenery. Seats are packed with individual effects: they vibrate, bend, tickle heels and neck.... But there is also wind, lighting, water and smoke effects in the room.  This ride is the perfect example of what the Salto TM Software is up to when managing interactive show control, platform movement changes and gameplay.



Immersed in the story of the silent movie era shinning star Carli Winnepeg, who mysteriously disappeared with her whole team in a medieval castle during the shooting of a horror movie in the 1920s, the players face surprise after surprise. Discover the origin of the strange things happening there and make them stop! But the mistress of the house quickly takes control of the situation, throwing the intrepid players into a furious battle for control of the castle.

The stereoscopic 3D images, all in high definition and back-projected, create the illusion that new rooms are opening in front of the players and that the zombies and other creatures are about to enter the place!

An interactive game AND a thrilling ride
Armed with a revolver, visitors take part in the story and can see the impacts of their shots on screen. Insects crawling on the ground explode, candle flames flicker, parts of the decor wobble, and ghosts are freed from the urns that have held them prisoner. Each target hit scores points for the players. When the adventure is over, everyone can see their own score displayed next to their photo! The highest scorers are highlighted in 3D. But this is not the only time players can see themselves on screen. During the show, zombies take photos of the room and these appear enlarged on screen. At that very moment, a trail of blood covers the screen and water is squirted on the players… Emotions run high, for sure! And there are other emotions to be experienced, which are just as impressive.

A very unique attraction on a very limited footprint
In total darkness, the impressive rotating platform leads visitors from one screen to another.
The seats themselves are packed with effects. They vibrate, bend, and tickle people’s heels and necks. Out of the walls and ceiling come lightning, rain and wind from the storm that is rumbling outside. Foul smells are released when the frightful face of Carli appears in the dark, some three meters (nine feet) high. In the final scene, the cursed actress chases the intruders away by destroying the castle

Technical Specifications

Designer: Alterface
Footprint: 400 m² (4306 ft²)
Throughput: 320 players/hour
Duration: 7,5 min.
Interactive device: Portable device
Number of Seats: 24
Animation type: 3D
Projection type: Front & back projection
Animatronics: Yes
Physical targets: Yes
Special effects: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes
Special feature: Rotating platform

Alterface hands out Interactive Pioneer Awards during festive ceremony at IAAPA

Posted on the 22.11.16

Recognizing customers and partners for pioneering in interactivity

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Enjoy the Ride with interactive guest experience at Alterface's booth #862

Posted on the 02.11.16

Celebrating 15th Anniversary with Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party

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Alterface granted US patent for innovative shooting technology

Posted on the 14.09.16

Alterface, global champion in interactive attractions, proudly announces it has received a patent in the US for its innovative shooting technology ‘Multi-user pointing apparatus and method’.

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A haunted house for Pigeon Forge

Posted on the 07.01.13

With the opening of Castle of Chaos at Pigeon Forge in Tennessee, Alterface confirms the success of its interactive haunted house In a Room. It is in fact the second time that this attraction opens to the public within an entertainment complex connected to a Hollywood Wax Museum.

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Alterface awarded the Awex3D

Posted on the 12.12.12

This award honors a Walloon company particularly active in export and specialized in 3D stereoscopy.

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  • "it was just plain fun....real crowd pleaser. Loved the 3d effects"

    Rhiannon S from Tennessee on Tripadvisor

  • "i saw it and it was awsome a zombie bit me in the butt !"

    Jason Scott on Youtube

  • "We had a great time!!! 5D ride was more than we expected. It was a great concept and we will definitely do this again!!!"

    ChristinaD from Oklahoma on Tripadvisor

  • "While Castle of Chaos was the very first of the line, the product has evolved with new themes and versions, such as multirooms versions, which are now available for higher capacity venues."

    François Danhaive, Head of Projects, Alterface

  • "Castle Of Chaos combines 3D film with sounds, smells, and sensations of everything going on around you. Plus it's a video game where you rack up points for everything you shoot! The story is set with you as a ghost hunter and you've been invited to take a look at a haunted castle. You get to face ghosts, zombies, bats, rats, bugs, and rabid hell hounds before your adventure is over. The whole thing is a lot of fun and pretty unique for the area. It's a must for horror, video game, or dark ride fans."

    Holly D. from Knoxville on Yelp