Entertainment is our core business

Alterface Projects created Interactive Cinemas and Interactive Dark Rides featuring 2D and 3D content projected on large screens, physical targets, interactive video mapping accompanied by special effects, robotic seats and a firing system. The result? Exciting experiences and cutting edge entertainment!

Combining innovation and industrial quality, Alterface Projects has developed the Salto™ software, a sturdy interactive system management tool, designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in public spaces. In the interest of offering a comprehensive service to its customers, Alterface is able to take on all the stages involved in the successful completion of a project, as the company has not only a design-engineering department, but also a research & development department and a content integration department.

Our team can meet challenges of any kind, whether it has to do with technology, content, or interactivity. For its productions, Alterface owns patents on its innovative technology. Alterface Projects also invests in various research fields in order to supply its customers with ever richer and more natural and seamless interactive solutions.

Alterface Projects can successfully manage projects alone, but we frequently work in partnership with important players in the field such as 3DBA, Preston&Barbieri, ETF, Sally Corp, The Hettema Group, P&P Projects, TAAIndustries, Art Project,… We also work hand in hand with design studios able to produce quality content, quickly and at the best price. This allows us to offer you the best solution, regardless of the project’s magnitude and its technological content, at a competitive price, with unrivaled quality, while remaining focused on our mission: providing you with high quality attractions for that your visitors will enjoy.