Come-To-Life Scenery

Introducing the future of Dark Rides!

The most realistic dark-ride feature

Do you want more than a classic laser and video based attraction ? Alterface Projects now puts video projection mapping technology into dark-ride attractions!

Our new Come-To-Life technology combines state-of-the-art interactivity with physical scenery : interactive videos are projected on real objects to create the illusion they come alive - while serving as targets. Because no projection screens are needed, the experience seems completely natural and and provides a realistic feel like never before on a dark- ride attraction. Here, real scenery actually reacts to your shot, thanks to a magical set up built by light and physical effects! Every frame, prop, window or any object you want can become a target in a very realistic way. This was made possible thanks to the unique audio and video abilities of the Salto Technology.

Imagine entering a scene facing very realistic scenery. Videos are projected on the objects displayed to give life to this scenery. In addition to that, it makes the objects interactive targets. Shoot on a window and it breaks in pieces! Shoot on a frame and the painting comes alive!

Shoot on physical elements, like tea pots, and they suddenly open-up, releasing a ghost who goes strolling on the setting... This is the most advanced tool to create a state-of-the-art dark ride, perfectly immersive and realistic. Pure magic! This technology is one of the many features provided by our Salto interactive software: that means you can combine it with other media-based scenes or «physical» targets and use it in any type of ride (vehicle-based, walkthrough...) Possibilities are endless!


Combines video & physical scenery

Interactive video projection

Physical effects

Affordable while reliable