Extra Features

We are always trying to exceed expectations with regards to interactivity, yet we are also paying consideration to what can be done to make the management and the maintenance of your ride as easy as possible. Here are a couple of possible features you can add:

Alterface's Eagle Eye - Monitoring & diagnostics

Our Alterface Eagle EyeTM tool provides a real-time live monitoring & diagnostic system for the entire ride. Eagle Eye automatically runs an internal diagnostic of the ride. When an error is detected, the most appropriate action is suggested to the ride operator or the maintenance team. Thanks to Eagle Eye, the ride operator can immediately detect a system malfunction and correct it within the shortest time to ensure the best experience to the players and the lowest down time.

Phantasialand in Germany and Lotte World in South Korea are both using Eagle Eye which helps maintain the uptime of the show control and shooting system to an amazing 99,8% !

Alterface Eagle eye features the “self-healing module” that can get your dark ride back on track in just a click ! This advanced feature makes a full back-up of the computers running the show control system of your dark ride. If needed, you can re-install a copy of all hard drives in just one click! Operation will resume quickly and no technician will be required on site.

Alterface Photostore - Instant picture processing

We haven’t forgotten to make sure that the ride enjoyment can be remembered to the visitors long after they have exited the unloading area ! Our Alterface photostore system captures pictures of the players in action during the ride. These can then be rendered, displayed and printed at the end of the ride, including the high score and the ride’s theme. If you are working with third parties on ride pictures, Alterface can seamlessly integrate and interface this.

IP Theming - Great characters for great attractions

Intellectual Properties (IP) have become a key ingredient in the amusement park industry. Famous stories, characters, movies, cartoons or TV shows are instantly recognizable to large audiences, making IP-based attractions easier to market. But it’s very important to find the right partners to make a proper use of the IP and respect all guidelines and restrictions.

Since 2009, Alterface started creating attractions based on the world’s most famous toy brick: LEGO for Legoland Discovery Centers. Ever since we’ve worked with these global entertainment brands with great success: Warner Bros., 21th Century Fox, Dc Comics, Marvel Entertainment, EA Games, Rainbow Studio, LEGO, Cartoon Network and Capcom, and many others.