In the industry we use the term « gameplay » to describe what the visitors will be asked to do in the ride and the environments they will be immersed in.  Interactive device possibilities are very diverse, and so are the actions and subsequently the result of the actions…

Whatever input will suit your visitors and your ride, a variety of features to interact with are possible:


This is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, be it real-time engines used in the best video games or pre-rendered media for simplified, very high level graphical images. The players will be able to interact with 2D or 3D images, displayed on any type of screen: flat, curved, cylindrical, spherical, pepper ghost or even water or fog screens…

Physical targets

Although the good old « shooting gallery » type of ride has been widely replaced by new media-based solutions, there is always a great interest to blend the physical targets with media screens.  Nowadays physical targets can be mainly found in rides for younger guests and are replaced in larger rides with more sophisticated versions (see below).

Video mapping

When physical targets meet video projectors, the result is magic and is called video mapping. Video mapping is usually featuring 2D projection on real scenery, by blending on the décor it gives the images a reality feeling that is raving the players.

Whatever pointing device is selected, your visitors can also enjoy interactions with animatronics. Alterface systems connect to the robotic controls of the props and makes it react to their actions.

4D Shooting

4D shooting technology allows you to see your projectile being thrown from the gun right into the video game when you shoot! It has been made possible thanks to a new and innovative kind of shooting devices fixed on the vehicles.

These are just a few possibilities we can design to meet your visitor preferences and requirements. Even if you feel there should be no device, we can make the attraction interactive with our unique Alterface Salto! TM show control system that will capture all kind of information about the players and prompt the content to change dynamically.