Interactive Devices

Portable Shooting Device

The traditional « six shooter » can also be shaped like a camera, a little dragon head or a very sci-fi looking phaser. The design will always be adapted to the theme of the ride and since Alterface technology is extremely compact, you can even choose very small devices.  Precision is millimetric, even at long distances, and reactivity is second to none.

We advise to use this type of device for « point & shoot » applications when freedom of movements of the player is an important element.


Fixed Shooting Device

This type of device is used in the « ballistic type » of rides (see below). Typically, players do not aim directly at the target but they move the shooter in a way that the projectile will fall on the target.  This type of device requires full media-based rides and usually doesn't fit well ride with multiple rows because of the limited movement it allows. Yet it is a true hit for family-based rides such as our Maus au Chocolat!




Portable Pointing device

Fancy becoming a sorcerer or a wizard? This is the device you will want to go for. Thanks to the permanent tracking of the position of the device, you can use it to highlight elements on the screen or in the scenery, circle around your targets to select… This device is connected to our detection system to provide an unprecedented accuracy and reaction time. You will also find this type of devices, shaped differently in our “drag & drop” based rides.

With the active wand technology and the ability for continuous pointing, we have also introduced a new type of gameplay that is easy as 1, 2,3 :
1: point at the object you’d like to move on the screen
2: press the button and hold it
3: drag the object anywhere you want, release the button and it works exactly like a computer mouse drag and drop that people are already familiar with.

ID Benno

Passive wand

One thing you can be sure of is that this wand is everything but « passive ». We call it this way because, unlike the portable pointing device, this wand doesn't carry any electronics. The direction and movement detection are made through external devices. This system is ideal for walkthrough and small dark ride. If it is a little less accurate than the other version, it also has the great benefit of being extremely inexpensive to produce and easy to install.

Passive Wand

Hand-gesture detection

The advantage of this system is that it doesn’t require the visitor to carry any devices, the interaction is entirely driven by the movement of the hands. This system will be at its best for creative applications such as virtual painting or drawings, Gameplays involving shooting are less effective as most visitors will favor a device-based application which feels more « natural » and is more precise for hitting the targets.

Hand Gesture

Push Button

Sometimes less is more! Depending on the purpose of your dark ride or other application, you may find out that the best way to interact with the environment is by just simply hitting a button!  Some of the most successful midway games are based on this « action/reaction » game, and they are just plain addictive.

Push Button