Interactive technologies

Interactivity brings the story alive!

The Alterface team matches the devices and technology with attraction theme and audience. Our system is versatile and can be adapted to any requirements, interconnecting and managing all ride components. We develop the optimum device design and type of interaction to enhance the experience.  Alterface experts ensure that screens, physical sceneries, animatronics, FX, audio, vehicles and all other ride element are completey aligned and synchronized. Our technology is a means to just one end: entertaining visitors and making sure they can fully enjoy the ride!

Portable Device

Portable device

Hand-held device for freedom of movement.
Used for pointing, targeting or shooting.
Connected to detection system with high precision and reactivity.

Fixed Device

Fixed device that can be moved so the projectile falls on the target.
Operates with full media-based rides.



Less can be more:
simply push the button to interact!

Magic wand

Magic wand

Does not carry any electronics.
Direction and movement detection through external devices.
Easy installation and application.

Hand-gesture detection

Hand gesture

Driven by hand movements.
Ideal for creative applications like drawings, virtual painting,...