Show technologies


Interactive Show Control Management

 Our signature show control software SaltoTM is the only system you’ll need to operate your dark ride. It successfully manages the entire attraction including all types of output like shooting, lightening, audio channels, animatronics, photo & video content and physical effects.

Alterface SaltoTM has been created as a powerful attraction management tool with easy operation and maintenance, managing complex shows with solid interaction.

Built in-house from one innovation to another, Salto! made us the proud achievers of many world premieres! It features the latest cutting-edge technologies and allows a high level of versatility to every project.

As part of the Alterface SaltoTM architecture, our programming tool Alterface FXStudioTM can control our dedicated special effects (wind, hot and cold air, air canon, scent, smoke, water sprays...) as well as third party special effects. No need to add layers of complexity, SaltoTM takes care of everything!