Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Lego Kingdom Quest & Lego City, Legoland Discovery Centers worldwide

#supplying interactive technology


High capacity and cost-efficient
Small footprint
Multi-dimensional gameplay

Merlin Entertainment’s urban entertainment centers proof that smaller footprints don’t necessarily mean less fun! Alterface was selected as partner from the start with a clear brief: to deliver a very high capacity, cost-efficient ride to entertain young Lego enthusiasts.

The team developed a very compact ride, based on ETF mystic mover vehicles and featuring simple graphic environments with a lot of humor and action. Being accessible to everyone was the key concern, but repeat players are treated to numerous challenges to master the ride and excel. The smiling faces on the built-in on ride photo system testify this is a mission well accomplished.

Since its first opening in 2009, the ride has been installed in 25+ Lego Kingdom Quests at Legoland Discovery Centers across the world. The most recent Lego City offers an even greater experience within the same infrastructure.


Design: Merlin Entertainment
Media Studio: Treshold
Ride Vendor: ETF
Footprint: 500 m² (5.382 ft²)
Throughput: up to 430 pph
Duration: 4 min.

Interactive device: Portable device
Number of Vehicles: 5 Mystic Mover
Vehicle Capacity: 5 players per vehicle
Media: 2D
Number of interactive Scenes: 8
Number of screens: 4
Physical targets: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes

Lego Discovery Center, track layout

“Now Legoland Discovery Center is even cooler – it’s got an interactive laser ride called Kingdom Quest and it’s a BLAST! You hop into a dragon with a laser gun. As the dragon takes you through the ride, you blast away at all kinds of targets (some are hidden!) and rack up points. So much fun!”

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