About us

Engaging audiences through interactivity since 2001

Alterface Projects is the leading manufacturer of interactive attractions across the world, like media-based dark rides and the world's first interactive theater. We develop, market and implement interactive entertainment solutions intended for non-domestic use like amusement parks and family entertainment centers. The cutting edge technologies designed by Alterface Project's R&D Lab include Salto: a powerful gaming engine and show control system able to manage the whole ride including vehicles, audio, video, lighting and special effects.

Alterface Projects has developed an advanced range of technologies and has an unequalled technical expertise in the field of interactive location-based visitor experience which gives us a key position for many customers. We have solid experience with Intelectual Property (IP) owners including Warner Bros., 21th Century Fox, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, EA Games, Rainbow Studio, LEGO, Cartoon Network and Capcom, among many others. Our HQ is based in the heart of Europe : Belgium. We also have an office in the USA and China.

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