Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Action League

Unique mix of tournament, interactive gaming, and motion

Action league, The Interactive Revolution!
Multiple teams compete against each other up to a final winner, featuring an ultra-dynamic multi axis rotation. The competition takes place in one large room and all teams duel amongst each other, across 3 to 5 different scenes, alternating up to the final winning team.


Action League Guests' Experience

Unique advantages:

  • Tournament through duelling sessions
  • High throughput on a small footprint and budget
  • Stadium queueline enabling to enjoy the Interactive Show

Included in the package:

  • Ride system
  • Show control
  • Interactive devices
  • Interactive media
  • AV
  • Light show
  • Operators control
  • Photo capture

+ Available options

  • Custom content
  • Photostore
  • Multiple games content
  • Large version (12 teams instead of 6)
  • Deluxe version (Large version + immersive curved screens)
  • Elaborated queue line
  • Preshow