Alterface Interactive Dark Ride

Erratic Dark Ride

Erratic Dark Ride
Popcorn Revenge, Walibi, Belgium


The Erratic Ride combines our love for storytelling, group experience, Interactive Dark Rides and the best features of the Interactive Theater with an unexpected twist: the experience is always different. The vehicles will go in different rooms every time, but they will reunite in a ballet in the center of the attraction. Visitors will not be able to guess the next journey they will see, while we still provide state of the art interactivity and added secrets target to collect.


Erratic Interactive Dark Ride layout

Unique advantages:

  • Unpredictable journey
  • Combines the advantage of a group experience in the central room and individual story telling in the external rooms
  • Small footprint, easy to install in building with a lot of limitations

Included in the package:

  • Fully portable Interactive devices with an RGB lighting, vibration and unique identification
  • Interaction detection system
  • Image generator for classic or stereoscopic games
  • Audio generator for 7.1 audio system
  • 1 game from the catalog
  • Operator panel
  • Personalized feedback during the game by using your picture

+ Available options

  • Hall of fame outside of the theater to display live scores and best ever scores
  • Turnkey (includes projection, audio hardware, booth design, booth)
  • Custom game
  • Photobooth to take pictures of the users
  • Connection to the park database to use pictures of the users

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