The Smurfs

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Smurfs enchant with passive magic wand

This patented technology brings a totally new dynamic to the way people interact with screens. It creates an interesting balance between the not so natural pure hand-gesture detection and the sophisticated circuitry brought by the interactive devices. The Smurfs are benefitting from something far more sophisticated and magical than other rides in its kind. Vehicles, lighting, video and audio integrate seamlessly for instant reactiveness. A variety of movements can be detected by an advanced approach of the magic wand tracking. The Smurf ride is opening a new era of interactivity with endless possibilities. The interactive technology is not the only distinctive element in the Smurf ride. The choice of the vehicles (4 people facing front) is bringing a special touch to the ride as well. The open front of the vehicle is exposing the players and therefore enhancing their immersion in the action while enabling cost savings on the decoration.



Smurfs paln

Technical Specifications

Design: Julien Bertévas
Media Studio: IMPS
Ride Vendor: Gosetto
  350 m² (3767 ft²)
  360 players/hour
  3,5 min.
Interactive device:
Magic Wand
Number of Vehicles:
Vehicle Capacity:
Number of interactive Scenes
: 5
Number of screens:

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  • "We truly enjoy the cooperation with Alterface, who has proven to be an engaged and invaluable partner. Alterface has a proven trackrecord in interactive rides technology, combining analytical and creative insights with a great commitment. Smurf attraction feature high-tech and innovative concepts but above all offer great entertainment to our visitors."

    Wim Hubrechtsen, CEO of Comics Station Antwerp