Alterface Interactive Dark Rides



Over 21 years, Alterface has been building solutions to empower mixed-media rides around the globe with interactivity.
The company mission is to offer reliable, easy to implement and to use, future-proof solutions.

Alterface consists of two main divisions:
The Technologies Division is focusing every single day on the development of new ways to interact with the environment, using the powerful SaltoTM interactive show control environment as a unified platform.
The Creative Division is seasoned in concept and ride development, as well as storytelling and theming, and can deliver turnkey solutions. 

Alterface is currently looking for:

Project Manager

To consolidate its Project Management team, Alterface is hiring a Project Manager. In this role, you will monitor the planning/budget/scope and report on the progress to the stakeholders. You will interface with the client and suppliers and be responsible for the delivery of the final product.

Project Engineer

To consolidate its Engineering team, Alterface is hiring a Project Engineer. In this role, you will implement technical designs of attraction according to standards in place, Maintain design documentation throughout the project development cycle and go on mission abroad to install the system.

Junior Software Engineer

To consolidate its Software team, Alterface is hiring a Junior Software Engineer. In this role, you will develop projects from specification to on-site installation by using our proprietary development language Salto, design, develop and implement unit tests and tooling solutions in C# or C++ and support software and maintenance team during their on-site installation.