Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

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Meet the a-team !

Alterface is a team of about 25 talented and devoted people: Engineers, Project managers, Programmers, Graphic designers, Technicians, IT, back office…
Maybe you’ll meet one of us on a trade show, in an amusement park or in our offices!

Alterface Europe


“There are so many innovations in our portfolio! Every new season, we offer something new to the market, which pushes our interactive DNA much further. Challenges and crazy dreams are my daily bread. Sky is the limit!

Product Manager

“Make interactive dark-rides becoming as integrated and beautiful as classic dark-rides is my every day interest.”

Project & Program Manager

“I want our installations to be as beautiful backstage as it is to the eyes of your visitors. Maybe it is an engineer’s thing, but I think that an electrical cabinet well arranged can be beautiful!”

Alterface Asia
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Alterface US
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