Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

ANI-MAYHEM, Warner Bros. World™, Abu Dhabi

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Integration of 3D media and scenery
High level timing & details
Ideal mix of physical and digital targets

The Ani-Mayhem interactive dark ride challenges players in becoming ACME’s Employee of the Month. They grab their barcode scanner, hop in a delivery vehicle and collect as many points as possible! Alterface designed the barcode scanners to capture the points, managed by its advanced and interactive Salto™ Show Control Management.

This also directs all media, screens, photos, hall of fame and timing of targets. With as many as 12 players shooting at a screen at the same time, timing is crucial and Alterface once again turned a technical complex project into an accessible and fun ride.



Design: Thinkwell
Media Studio: Pure Imagination
Ride Vendor: ETF
Footprint: 2200 m²
Throughput: 960 pph
Duration: 6,15 min

Interactive device: Portable device
Number of Vehicles: 18
Vehicle Capacity: 6
Media: 3D
Number of interactive Scenes: 10
Number of screens: 10
Hall of fame: Yes

The Ani-Mayhem ride allowed us to demonstrate the versatility of our interactive technology offering. Alterface technology seamlessly integrates 3D media scenes with many physical elements and moving targets players can hit from their vehicles. The attention to timing and detail is remarkable and results in a first-class attraction matching those of the largest parks in the world.

Stéphane Battaille, CEO at Alterface

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