Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Benno’s Great Race, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

#supplying interactive technology

Benno's, Interactive Dark Ride, Dubai

Mixed Media Dark-Ride, 2016

Innovative gameplay
Drag and drop technology
Interactive wrench device

Ferrari cars are designed for driving and racing. Except at the magnificent Abu Dhabi-based Ferrari World Park! Benno’s Great Race is a totally different and unique interactive dark ride. Young visitors are invited to help the little mouse Benno to first assemble his car and then remove all obstacles which prevent him from racing and obtaining a glorious victory.

Alterface designed a device which is not simply “aim and shoot” but instead uses Salto™ drag and drop technology combined with an interactive device shaped as a wrench. With this great little tool, the players can go through the seven different workshops and watch their little hero Benno triumph.

Benno's, Interactive Dark Ride, Track Layout


Design: Thinkwell Group
Media Studio: Pure Imagination
Ride Vendor: ETF
Footprint: 2426 m² (26.113 ft2)
Throughput: 600 pph
Duration: 6 min

Interactive device: Portable device
Number of Vehicles: 11 Trackless Multi-mover
Vehicle Capacity: 6 players per vehicle
Media: 2D
Number of interactive Scenes: 9
Number of screens: 9
Hall of fame: Yes
Special feature: Drag & Drop technology

“Because of its very innovative gameplay, the production of this ride required an excellent collaboration with the media company. Visitors had to remain engaged by minimizing the learning curve for each workshop. A great challenge for our team and at the end an on-time and successful result!”

Etienne Sainton,
Head of Innovation, Alterface

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