Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Castle of Chaos, Branson & Pigeonforge, US

#Turnkey solution

Castle of Chaos, Interactive Theatre


This product line traces back to 2009 when we identified a market for customers wanting the experience of a dark ride but having little space available. We decided to combine the efficiency of the interactive theater with a spinning platform that would “carry” the visitors from one screen to another, in the dark, like a dark ride yet without physically moving them.

A zombie-based ride came up as a logical contender for a first ride: Castle of Chaos rose from concept to a successful ride in less than eight months, including the media preparation and theming.

The theater combines on-screen shooting scenes, animatronic shooting scenes and scenes using our exclusive Come-To-Life scenery. Seats are packed with individual effects: they vibrate, bend, tickle heels and neck…. But there is also wind, lighting, water and smoke effects in the room.  This ride is the perfect example of what the Salto! Software is up to when managing interactive show control, platform movement changes and gameplay.


Designer: Alterface
Footprint: 400 m² (4306 ft²)
Throughput: 320 players/hour
Duration: 7,5 min.
Number of Seats: 24
Interactive device: Portable device

Animation type: 3D
Projection type: Front & back projection
Animatronics: Yes
Physical targets: Yes
Special effects: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes
Special feature: Rotating platform & multiple sensorial effects

Castle of Chaos, Track Layout

« While Castle of Chaos was the very first of the line, the product has evolved with new themes and versions, such as multirooms versions, which are now available for higher capacity venues. »

François Danhaive, Head of Projects, Alterface

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