Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Desperados 3D, 51 locations worldwide

#Turnkey solution


Interactive theaters are designed to be located in almost any building in a park and can be easily provided as a turnkey project. This way they are the perfect complement to a larger attraction or another way to add animation and capacity to any themed zone.

The Desperados 3D theater offers a superior gaming experience through Alterface’s patented detection technology, providing laser sharp accuracy. The seats have been designed for players to sit comfortably in front of the screen, with a lot of room for movement and a perfect position for the on ride camera shoot. 


Design:  Alterface
Media Studio: Alterface
Footprint: 100 m² (1076 ft²)
Throughput: up to 300 pph
Duration:  4 min.
Interactive device: Portable device

Number of Seats: 42
Seat Type: 1 DOF motion seat  
Media: 3D
Special effects: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes

Interactive Theatre Layout

« While the theater is not meant to be a “shaking” machine, it is packed with features such as Stereoscopic 3D, wind, water, smoke effects, strobe lights or vibration… There is a catalogue of content to choose from, all of them offering very high quality and specific features. »

Stephane Battaille, CEO, Alterface

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