Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Le Kinétorium, Jardin d’Acclimatation, France

#Turnkey solution

Interactive Theatre overview


High quality digital media techniques
Advanced energy guns
Creative scenery and animation 

The 150-year old Jardin d’Acclimatation near Paris started a major refurbishment to embrace the future, yet remaining true to its original mission. Alterface was commissioned to develop a high-tech attraction appealing to a wide public, fitting the overall park concept and theming. At the interactive theatre Le Kinétorium, players are seated on steampunk scooters and armed with an energy weapon, defeating plants with supernatural powers.

Besides the overall project management, Alterface applied its newest media techniques, including video mapping and projection, as well as the Salto™ show control management solution and shooting technology. The Alterface creative team succeeded in obtaining the optimum storytelling and animation balance, giving personality to the characters and creating excitement and interaction throughout the entire attraction. The interactive theater combines a compelling story with creative scenery and media into an immersive adventure for an unforgettable family experience.


Design: Grumpy Poductions & Alterface
Media Studio: Bonart
Theming: Jora Vision
Ride Vendor: Alterface
Footprint: 200 m² (2150 ft²)
Throughput: 480 pph
Duration: 4 min

Interactive device: Portable device
Number of seats: 40
Media: 2D
Number of screens: 2
Hall of fame: Yes

Jardin d'Acclimatation, Layout

We successfully developed our plant hunt idea together with Alterface into a unique and all-interactive digital attraction. Our team truly enjoyed the cooperation during planning and implementation. Le Kinétorium is one of the most advanced interactive theatres and offers a thrilling experience from queueline to exit, we are very proud of it!

Thierry Rétif,
Art Director of Grumpy Productions