Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Lucky Luke Express, Plopsa Station, Antwerp, Belgium

#Turnkey solution


Guests are seated in a wagon-styled room, facing a screen hidden by sliding doors.  Those doors open to reveal the action as the story literally runs alongside the room. Instead of the traditional “drilling through” approach to the content (moving from screen to screen), Alterface created a lateral movement where the scenes are separated by those doors opening and closing. The addition of a physical element to the media-based attraction is very refreshing and provides an experience nowhere else to be found.

The Alterface Salto! show control capabilities add this layer of storytelling to the robust shooting technology that has proven its reliability and potential for fun around the globe.

“We truly enjoy the cooperation with the Alterface team, who have proven to be an engaged and invaluable partner.”

Wim Hubrechtsen,
CEO of Comics Station Antwerp (former Plopsa Station)


Design:  Julien Bertévas
Media Studio: Alterface
Footprint: 64m² (688.89ft²)
Throughput: 306 players/hour
Duration: 3,5 min
Interactive device: Portable device

Number of Seats: 18
Seat Type: 1 DOF motion seat  
Media: 2D
Special effects: Yes
Hall of fame: Yes

Lucky Luke, Track Layout