Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

Splashing UFO Rapid River, Yomiuri Land, Japan

#supplying interactive technology


Creative engineering
Physical and virtual interaction
Tracking system in humid environment

The Splashing UFO Rapid River attraction is unconventional and customized to local settings: players seated in a noodle cup have to prevent “Kettle man” from throwing water on them. And this happens not only on screens above the tracks but also in-between the players. The customer also instructed that the players had to interact with the virtual world by using large light buttons.

In order to fulfill this apparently simple yet incredibly complicated mission, Alterface applied its best techniques in vehicle (and in this case buoy) tracking, communication and… deal with very hostile environments. To accommodate the variable speed patterns of each buoy, a specific tracking system operating in a 100% humid environment, was developed and connected to the Alterface Salto™ Software. 

Splashing Ufo, Layout


Design: Hanwa
Media Studio: Dynamo Pictures, Inc.
Water Ride Vendor: Hafema
Footprint: 2220 m² (23.896 ft²)
Throughput: 400 pph
Duration: 6 min.
Interactive device: Push button

Number of Vehicles: 8 boats  
Vehicle Capacity: 4 players per vehicle
Media: 2D
Number of interactive Scenes: 4
Number of screens: 4 (placed above the players)
Hall of fame:
Special feature: 4 mini interactive games based around lighting effects between each scene

Needless to say that the team got some cold showers during the ride installation as high tech electronic equipment and water are not really matching. However, our solid engineering and creativity in finding solutions, overcame all those issues. Today, the screams of the riders and smiles on their faces is the solid proof that we got this one right! 

Stéphane Battaille, CEO of Alterface