Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

The Smurfs’ Adventure, Plopsa Station Antwerp, Belgium

#supplying interactive technology

Mixed-Media Dark Ride, 2016

Intuitive interaction
Magic compact wand
Open front vehicle

The Smurfs’ Adventure for family indoor park Plopsa Station Antwerp had to be magical and very accessible for kids, yet following strict IP guidelines. Alterface dug into their expertise about interactivity in Dark Rides to create a new version of their patented interactive technology.

Use the magic wand to help the Smurfs accomplish their mission in the forest; as soon as you point at the screens, sparkles will magically follow your gesture creating an exciting and intuitive feedbacks for the younger users.

Vehicles, lighting, video and audio integrate seamlessly for instant reactiveness. A variety of movements can be detected by an innovative approach of the magic wand tracking, making the experience more immersive and fun. Furthermore, the open front of the vehicle is exposing the players and therefore enhancing their immersion in the action.

“The Smurf attraction features a high-tech and innovative concept but above all offers great entertainment to our visitors. We do share this same visitor-centric approach with Alterface and I’m very proud of what we have accomplished!”

Wim Hubrechtsen,
Comics Station Antwerp (former Plopsa Station)


Design: Julien Bertevas
Media Studio: IMPS
Ride Vendor: Gosetto
Footprint: 350 m²
Throughput: up to 360 pph
Duration: 3,30 min.

Interactive device: Magic Wand
Number of Vehicles: 6
Vehicle Capacity: 4
Media: 2D
Number of interactive Scenes: 5
Number of screens: 5

Smurf Ride, Track Layout