15th LEGO Kingdom Quest installed!

Posted on the 13.09.16

In 2016, we have added two new Kingdom Quest interactive dark rides to the Legoland Discovery Centers in Shenyang and  Arizona ! This makes 15 of them installed around the world.

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The Amazing Ride of Gumball

Posted on the 31.08.16

Alterface's technology hits the bull's eye at IMG World of Adventure park (Dubai, UAE). Enjoy the ride !

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Alterface Projects to produce Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena at Carowinds

Posted on the 30.11.15

Alterface Projects is proud to announce our involvement with Cedar Fair to produce a next-gen interactive attraction at Carowinds.

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Alterface Projects and Pure Imagination Studios announce development partnership

Posted on the 19.11.15

Alterface Projects and the animation and media masters at Pure Imagination Studios announced a ground-breaking new partnership during the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

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Two new Justice League dark rides in 2016!

Posted on the 04.09.15

In an official statement, SixFlags revealed that two JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis attractions will be part of their large lineup of new rides for 2016.

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The Marvel Experience chooses Alterface Projects

Posted on the 17.09.14

Alterface Projects has been selected by Hero Ventures to help create “The Marvel Experience” tour.

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Two new Justice League attractions!

Posted on the 28.08.14

Alterface Projects announces involvement in SixFlags’ new Justice League : Battle For Metropolis 3D interactive dark-rides.

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Ubisoft and Alterface Projects are teaming up

Posted on the 24.06.14

Ubisoft and Alterface Projects announced a new partnership to design a cutting edge interactive dark-ride based on the successful ‘Rabbids’ franchise.

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