Alterface Interactive Dark Ride

Interactive Walkthrough


The Walkthroughs are a unique way to let you visitors evolve freely in their environment and have a personal adventure. As soon as you make this attraction interactive this becomes the perfect immersive experience where the visitor is the hero. He can make his on choices, interact with the environment… The perfect adventure on a small footprint and small budget!


Unique advantages

  • Provides a personal experience
  • Allows to touch the environment
  • Provides the free choices in their adventures to the visitors
  • Requires a small footprint while allowing to move in various rooms
  • Can involve live actors

Included in the package:

  • Fully portable Interactive devices with an RGB lighting, vibration and unique identification
  • Interaction detection system
  • Image generator for classic or stereoscopic games
  • Audio generator for 7.1 audio system
  • 1 game from the catalog
  • Operator panel
  • Personalized feedback during the game by using your picture

+ Available options

  • Hall of fame outside of the theater to display live scores and best ever scores
  • Turnkey (includes projection, audio hardware, booth design, booth)
  • Custom game
  • Photobooth to take pictures of the users
  • Connection to the park database to use pictures of the users

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