3rd Place: Treasure Hunt: The Ride 

Designed and produced by Sally Dark Rides and Daniels Wood Land (DWL), featuring Alterface’s multimedia interactivity, Treasure Hunt: The Ride Secures an impressive 3rd place in the USA Today awards. This modern-day pirate adventure takes guests on an immersive quest to uncover Captain Bouchard’s lost treasure. Meticulously embodying the same attention to detail, craftsmanship, and interactive technology found in destination theme park attractions, the Interactive Dark Ride stands out as a standalone attraction.

Treasure Hunt: the ride

The ride showcases physical targets, including props and characters, seamlessly combined with real-time interactive media. This creates a truly memorable and engaging experience. Moreover, massive screens fill multiple scenes, and projection mapping breathes life into various set pieces. Everywhere players turn, there’s an opportunity to interact with the environment!

Treasure Hunt: The Ride is meticulously crafted to be a highly interactive experience, effectively immersing guests in the captivating world of pirates and treasure hunting. Undoubtedly, we take pride in our contribution to bringing to life this award-winning attraction!

To know more about the ride: HERE

8th Place: LEGO Discovery Center Washington, D.C., Springfield, Virginia

Lego Discovery Center, Interactive Dark Ride

In the 8th position, we shine a spotlight on the LEGO Discovery Center in Washington, D.C., Springfield, Virginia—an esteemed destination cherished by both adults and children. This renowned center features 12 captivating zones dedicated to the world’s most famous building blocks. Among these zones, Alterface takes pride in its integral role in crafting the Imagination Express Interactive Dark Ride experience. The ride promises LEGO enthusiasts a unique train journey, further enhanced by Alterface’s ‘magic’ devices that seamlessly turn the adventure into an interactive experience.

Traversing an oversized LEGO world, a giant bubble bath, a plug hole descent, a brick-built ocean exploration, and an outer space finale, Imagination Express offers a magical experience for both the young and their parents!

To know more about the ride: HERE

We’re grateful to our partners for trusting Alterface with the interactive technology in these award-winning attractions. Collaborating with industry icons like Sally Dark Rides and Merlin Entertainments is not only a privilege but also a truly rewarding experience!

Stephane Battaille, CEO of Alterface

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