At Alterface, we are excited to announce our successful foray into Cambodia’s burgeoning entertainment market. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our strategic partner, Confluences, we have recently completed our first trade mission in Cambodia, and the prospects are promising.

Cambodia is a land of vibrant culture and a young, dynamic population, with the youth segment representing over 65% of its people. This demographic presents a unique opportunity for the entertainment industry, and the demand for interactive rides and captivating experiences is on the rise.

Working with Confluences, who specialize in identifying potential projects and fostering partnerships in Cambodia, we have gained valuable insights into the local market. Their thorough market studies and prospect identification played a crucial role in understanding the specific needs and preferences of Cambodian consumers.

The trade mission organized by Confluences earlier this month allowed us to immerse ourselves in the Cambodian landscape and engage directly with key stakeholders. During this time, we had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the enthusiasm and excitement of the Cambodian people for innovative entertainment offerings.

At Alterface, our core expertise lies in providing cutting-edge interactive ride experiences that captivate and thrill audiences worldwide. We firmly believe that Cambodia offers a ripe ground for our immersive technologies to take root and flourish.

Confluences’ insight and experience in Cambodia have led them to see the potential of Alterface playing an essential role in elevating the entertainment landscape. By partnering with us, Cambodia can gain access to our portfolio of amazing ride experiences, tailored to meet the local tastes and preferences.

As we move forward, Alterface is committed to exploring new horizons and collaborating closely with Confluences to bring the best of interactive entertainment to Cambodia.