Alterface Interactive Dark Rides

The Wander

Wander Immersive solution


The Wander merges multiple technologies from multiple entertainment venues in order to provide the most immersive experience ever created in theme parks. Visitors will now be able to interact everywhere in the venue: interact with live actors, solve physical puzzles, use our interactive technology to interact with virtual worlds… The visitors actions in the themed venue will change the story of your fantasy world, impact other visitors adventures… In a summary that world really exists and the visitors are part of it!

In order to create such an in depth experience, we’ve created a software suite which contains dedicated tools for every step of the product life:
> Creative design
> Technical design 
> Implementation & installation
> Operation 
> Maintenance and supervision


Unique advantages:

  • Personalized stories for each visitor
  • Stories continue over multiple days and are designed to encourage visitors to return and extend their stay.
  • Interactivity can be installed everywhere even in hotels or shops.
  • The Adventures offered to the visitors can manage groups and even require multiple visitors to synchronize their actions for some special Adventures
  • The software suite allows the design team to extend the adventures
  • The stations can be installed by phase in order to spread the investment
  • Possibility to have personalized merchandising linked to the personal stories

Wander venue

Included in the package:

  • Story software with intuitive UI for design team
  • History database to store the status of stories for each visitor
  • Access to the stories for external software (to offer possibility to plug it on the park phone application)
  • Software to activate the stories with every type of physical interactions

+ Available options:

  • Analysis of the venue’s assets, identifications of the needs
  • Full design from Alterface
  • Full technical implementation from Alterface
  • Monitoring technology