SHUQEEXPLAY! Play more fun with shooting!

March 7th, 2022, Shuqee, a global leader in providing holistic solutions for 4D/5D cinemas, announced a technology partnership with Alterface, the market leader in interactive technologies and attractions.  The cooperation will combine Shuqee’s 5D theatre with Alterface’s award winning interactive solutions.

Shuqee is launching a new series of interactive media-based attractions called SHUQEEXPLAY using cutting edge technologies from both companies. This series provides the best immersive and interactive experience to visitors, allowing sharing fun with family and friends while maintaining a high visitor’s throughput in a small footprint. In order to enhance the experience of visitors, SHUQEEXPLAY series is equipped with special effects, real time score display and seats with dynamic motions to enrich the fun of interaction. SHUQEEXPLAY series comes with a catalogue of thrilling games and media which can match different venues with different thematizations. It includes but is not limited to: Museums, Science and Technology Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, shopping malls, experience centers, theaters, zoos, hotels, Theme Parks, etc. Every SHUQEEXPLAY’ Theatre can turn any location into a thrilling, funny and fascinating playground!

“We see tremendous opportunities for SHUQEEXPLAY” said Stéphane Battaille, CEO from Alterface. Interactivity allows people to have very personalized, human moments where they feel like taking part in the adventure. Visitors who are looking for excitement and unique experiences will enjoy SHUQEEXPLAY. It is the perfect solution to bring interactivity to everyone, everywhere.”

Jiang Jiacheng, Founder and CEO of Shuqee, said, “The technology partnership between Shuqee and Alterface will strengthen our position in the entertainment market. Shuqee and Alterface are technology companies that are professional in their respective fields and complement each other extremely well. We will continue the technology revolution and integration to bring interactive cinema a new multidimensional experience. I am convinced that our partnership will bring new pleasant surprises to our customers!

About Shuqee
Full name of Shuqee: Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co.,Ltd, located in Guangzhou, China , is a global leading 4D/5D cinema turnkey solution provider. Shuqee is committed to create deep immersive attractions. Shuqee’s 4D/5D cinema system provides a multidimensional movie experience to the audience. Shuqee designs, manufactures and produces 4D/5D motion seats which are widely used in scenic spots, theme parks, museums, entertainment centers, hotels, and commercial cinemas etc.  Shuqee has been established since 2011 providing attractions to more than 300 customers in 60 countries around the world with excellent services and quality products. Shuqee is now one of the most recognized solution providers for immersive cinema in the international market.